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Mirabaï Lascombes
Ayurveda Practitioner

“With the wrong diet, Medicine is of no use,
With the right diet, Medicine is of no need”

My name is Mirabaï Lascombes and I come from the Centre of France where I was raised in a spiritual community. Since childhood, I have been traveling in India and that is how i became passionate about Ayurveda Medicine. I AIM to make you DISCOVER the most ancient and classical knowledge on health in an easy and understanding modernized and practical way so that you can get the best of it in your Daily Routine to Transform into Your Real Self !

Patient Testimonials

I have been to Mirabai and can really recommend her massage and Ayurveda services! Very professional and worth every cent!

I strongly recommend Mirabai to those who wishes relaxation of the body and the mind.Very nice body oil massage that helps to forget the stress of daily life.The oil pleasantly nourishes the body, making the skin ultra soft…Had no chance yet to apply ayurveda advises, but they were very reasonable and quite simple to follow. Enjoy massage with Mirabai:)

Mirabaï does miracles. The full body treatment is extremely relaxing for both body and mind. The good feeling follows to the next days.

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